Let’s Hear What The Children Have To Say!
With a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative creative play and physical activities, our staff will engage with your children to help them flourish, but let’s hear what the kids have to say!

“I like the variety of games and how we are trusted on the laptop”

Liam Hallford, Age 10

“I like that you have lots of fun and you can be yourself”

Orla Wheatley, Age 10

“I like that LCS staff take me to the park when it is warm”

Ewan McIntyre, Age 10

“I like all the staff because they are friendly”

Olivia Craig, Age 6

“I like going on trips in the summer”

Zoe Clifford, Age 8

“I like that LCS does arts and crafts and that I can make anything I want”

Jenna Weir, Age 7

“I like that LCS has games that you can build stuff with”

Daniel Gourde-Smith, Age 7

“I like that I can draw and colour in LCS”

Lucy McIntyre, Age 6

“I like that LCS always has a great snack”

Lewis McLachlan, Age 8

“I like that LCS has made me meet new friends”

Matthew, Age 8

Your Children are Safe with Us!
When choosing childcare, you want to know that your child is in safe hands. We’re registered with all required authorities, including the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and PVG.